Replacing floorboards effectively

 Has your floor been damaged by water or moisture? Contact us for floor repairs.
We specialise in replacing floorboards and concrete floors at great prices.

 Floorboard replacement experts 

Although water damage is one of the causes of creaking or sagging floorboards, there may be other problems as well. Why not have Dry Homes’ professionals inspect your floor? We’ll examine the floors in your property and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

High quality flooring materials 

Broken joists, floorboards that are loose and creaking Floorboards with water damage, rising damp, and timber treatment. We are able to replace your floorboards with materials that are identical to or superior to the ones your floor is constructed of. If your entire floor has water damage, we could advise replacing it entirely because doing so is frequently more economical than doing repairs. By presenting you with all of your alternatives for flooring, our floor repair specialists will assist you in making an informed choice.

Our floor repair experts can take care of: 

  • Damaged joists 
  • Creaking and loose floorboards 
  • Water damaged floorboards 
  • Rising damp 
  • Timber treatment 

Newly plastered room and insulated concreted floor.

New concrete floor prepared and laid.

New joists and flooring due to wet and dry rot decay. 

This floor showed signs of damp patches. To resolve this we sealed it to prevent further deterioration.